Life Is Strange True Colors All Endings & Make Council Support Alex

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. The ending of this game is not so different from each other. There is a total of 6 types of endings that you can get in this game depending on the choices you make. Out of these 6, four of them depend on the choices you make in chapter 5 alone.

In the final chapter, you will tell the story in front of the council. Depending on the relationship you have made with the people of Haven so far, you either get their support, some might support you or no one will support you. No matter what happens Steph will always support you and believe you.

Life Is Strange True Colors How To Make Council Support Alex

In the council, you will find 5 members, as Steph will always support you. So if you get the support of these 5 people all the council members will support you. The name of these 5 members and how to get their support are:

Duckie – In chapter 5 when Ryan and Steph ask you to enjoy the spring festival, you need to head over to the backroom of Black Lantern Bar. There you will find Duckie sad in the memories of Tabitha. You need to cheer up Duckie and then take him to the festival for him to support you in council.

Eleanor – Don’t let Riley know about Eleanor Alzheimers, and she will leave Haven for school. She might know on her own depending on your choices, but if you break Eleanor’s confidence, she won’t support you in council.

Charlotte – Do not take Charlotte’s anger in chapter 4 and leave her alone. If you take her anger, you also take a part of the emotion and the ability to feel and she won’t support you in the council meeting.

Pike – You need to take away pike’s fear in chapter 4 when he asks you to sign the affidavit. Do not sign the affidavit, and if you do Pike can’t help you in the council meeting.

Ryan – As for Ryan, I still don’t know which choices to make in order to make him believe Alex. Alex had already given the rose to Ryan and kissed him, yet he won’t support Alex in the meeting. If you have any idea, do let us and the viewers know in the comment.

Life Is Strange True Colors All Different Ending & How To Get Them

There is a total of 6 endings that you can get which are:

  • Stay in Haven but not in any relationship
  • Leave Haven alone.
  • Stay in Haven with Ryan
  • Leave Haven With Ryan
  • Stay in Haven with Steph
  • Leave Haven with Steph

These above endings can be determined from chapter 4 when you choose with whom you want to romance. No matter whom you choose they will show up at your doorsteps in chapter 5 just when you are about to go to the rooftop.

Both Ryan and Steph will have their own dialogues and you can choose to weather stay with them or alone. Then if you decide to stay with them on the rooftop you need to choose whether to leave Haven to seek adventure or stay in Haven. The endings are not so different from one another but there is some heartbreaking plot twist throughout the story that will get players hooked up. Hope you enjoyed this game as much as we did.

6 Replies to “Life Is Strange True Colors All Endings & Make Council Support Alex”

  1. Lena

    How to make Ryan believe you? – I didn’t kiss or show interest in him. But in the end, choose ‘I’m sorry’, instead of ‘Do you believe me?’ And he took Alex’s side.

    • Gabs

      I might be wrong, but I think Ryan believing you is dependent on other people believing you, if everyone else believes you, then Ryan will believe you too, at least that’s what happened when Ryan believed Alex in my playthrough.

      In an earlier playthrough, even though I had kissed Ryan he didn’t believe me, and neither did some of the council members.

      Regarding the choices at the end of what to say to Ryan, if he doesn’t side with you those choices are “Do you believe me?” and “Please back me up” with no option to say “I’m sorry”

  2. Nikki

    In order for you to get Ryan to side with you in the council meeting, you do all the things to romance Ryan, then make Duckie, Charlotte and pike side with you in the meeting, Ryan will take Alex’s side and believe her, thus getting the Ryan sided with Alex choice

    • Blips

      I didn’t romance him and he still picked to believe Alex in my first playthrough. I think it might have something to do with how many people believe Alex.

  3. Hikari

    Thank you for all of your help, I guess it doesn’t matter if you choose Alex for romance or not. If all the people in the council believe you and Ryan will too. Or maybe you need to select the option “I am sorry”.

  4. Greg

    The only 1 that wasn’t on my side was Eleanor and I didn’t romance Ryan. But I did choose “I’m sorry” so I’m going to assume that is how you get him on your side. Still bummed my final scene was me alone on the dock. Thought I’d at least have Steph with me or see all the council members that sided with me.

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