Life Is Strange True Colors Where Are You Girl From Rome Walkthrough

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. Where are you the girl from Rome is the name of the song that is in the mind of one of the student sitting at the bar.

Chapter 3 starts with helping cleaning dirty dishes in the Black Lantern, Ryan and Steph will be sitting in front of the bartender and near them will be a student. If you use your ability to read the student’s emotion, she will be humming a song with the lyrics “Where are you the girl from Rome”. She loves that song and wondering why it’s not being played anymore in the bar.

Life Is Strange True Colors Play The Song Where Are You The Girl From Rome

You need to find the song’s name and play it on the jukebox to make the student happy and unlock an achievement called “Earworm Squasher”. To find out about the song you need to talk with Steph and Ryan about the song.

Steph remembers the lyrics and will tell you the song’s name is “Alabaster Daydreams”. Ryan remembers Gabe playing that song all the time to mess with Jed as he loved that song. Eventually listening to his favorite song so many times Jed couldn’t stand it and hides the song somewhere.

You need to ask Jed where he kept the song Alabaster Daydreams and he will tell you somewhere behind the bar. The song disc will be beside the computer as shown in the above image. Take the disc and play it on the jukebox to make the student happy and unlock the achievement.

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