Life Is Strange True Colors Sign Affidavit Or Not, Tell Riley About Eleanor

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. In chapter 4 you will get two big choices that you need to make. It can be one choice depending on your gameplay until chapter 4. This chapter is not that long and there are not many puzzles for you to solve. But at the end of the chapter, you might get a shock which we won’t reveal here.

Life Is Strange True Colors Tell Riley About Eleanor Or Keep Eleanor’s Confidence

This choice might not show up for someone if Riley already knew about Eleanor Alzheimer. If in your story she didn’t know, you can find her on the other side of the bridge waiting for the bus in chapter 4. She will be waiting for her bus while thinking that Nana is in good health but sometimes she wonders if she should leave her.

Alex also thinks to herself Eleanor keeps her condition a secret but Alex feels like telling the truth to Riley. If you choose to keep Eleanor’s confidence by not telling Riley, She will leave Haven and won’t return in the story or next chapter. Eleanor will believe you and stand up for you in chapter 5.

If you decide to tell her about Eleanor, she will tell Alex that she too has been suspecting and that now she knows, she can’t leave Haven. She will go home and talk to Nana and will thank Alex while returning. Eleanor will not be taking your side in chapter 5.

Note: If you choose to tell her about Eleanor she will be connected to the story in chapter 5 which we will soon update here.

Life Is Strange True Colors Sign Typhon Affidavit Or Risk-Taking Pike’s Fear

Pike has to arrest you as Diana has made a complaint that you had stolen the Pendrive. You will have a conversation with Pike that it’s all typhon fault and they are trying to cover it up. In the end, you will get an option to sign the typhon affidavit or Risk-Taking Pike fear.

If you choose to take away Pike’s fear, he will take your side in chapter 5 by telling you he has the proof and Pendrive. If you choose to sign the affidavit, Pike will fear to go against typhon and won’t take your side.

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