Life Is Strange True Colors Romance Option Give Rose To Steph Or Ryan

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. As this is a story-based game where you are in a life of a teenager, you get to choose a partner or none at all. In chapter 4, you will have to chance to start a romance between Steph or Ryan.

To choose a partner you just need to pick up the rose from the cart in the spring festival and offer any one of them. You can only give a rose to one of the characters so choose wisely with whom you want to start the romance option. Ryan will be at the right side of the stage working, while Steph will be inside the van at the left side of the stage DJing.

Life Is Strange True Colors Give Rose To Steph Or Ryan

This option completely depends on you and won’t have much effect at the ending of the game whomever you choose:

If you choose to give a rose to Steph, she will be too happy and will say that this made her night. She will ask you to meet later upstairs of Black Lantern on the rooftop. Once you reach the rooftop there you will have a conversation with her and finally, you will get a choice to either kiss her or hug her. You need to choose to kiss her to start the romance.

Similarly to choose Ryan you need to give him the rose, he will ask you to meet at the rooftop. You will also get an option to hug Ryan or kiss him. Make sure you choose the option to kiss him to start the romance.

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