Life Is Strange True Colors Open Up Mac About Call & Find Riley In Haven

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. You need to go to the location Eleanor told Mac would be that will be the bridge. Head over the bridge to find Mac and confront him about the call.

If in the previous chapter you told Riley the truth about the fight between Gabe and Mac they would have already broken off and Mac will blame you for it on the bridge. Mac will tell you that costing him his girlfriend wasn’t enough now she is accusing him of murder.

Mac won’t open up about the call Gabe made or won’t tell anything about Typhon as he is scared. You need to find something on him to force him to tell you. For that to happen you need to find Riley in Haven. Below you will find where to find Riley in Haven and all the interactions with Mac after that.

Life Is Strange True Colors Riley Location

To find Riley come back from the bridge and take the left. On the left side, you will find a shop with a green + sign that says The Silver Dragon. Besides the shop, there will be a passage towards the left side. Once you turn left from that shop you will find out Riley sitting on a bench.

You need to check her emotions with ability else you won’t be able to let her open up towards you about Mac. Once you feel her emotions with your ability, you will find out that Mac was trying to leave the town. A new dialogue option will appear now that will help you learn more about Mac’s guilt.

Now you can go back to the bridge and confront Mac about leaving the town and he will run away from there with fear. You need to tap into his emotions to find out the truth and finally confront him where you will get a big choice to either calm him down or walk away.

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