Life Is Strange True Colors Help Eleanor Remeber Her Memories In Order

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. In chapter 2 one of the main quests is to find Mac. Jed will tell you that Mac could be in the flower shop where you need to go. Once you reach the flower shop, you won’t be able to find Mac but will meet Eleanor who might be in distress. She is growing old and forgetting a lot of things.

You need to feel Eleanor’s emotions to help her remember the day. Once you start to feel her emotions, you need to find five things through which you can access her memories. The list of things are:

  • Cash register
  • Door Open/ Closed Sign
  • Lillies flower
  • Telephone
  • Riley & Eleanor Photo

Once you interact with all the items, the fear emotion will get stronger and the world starts crumbling down. You need to help Eleanor remember everything about the day to rebuild the memories. To make her remember you need to retrace her steps by interacting with all the items in a serial order. Below you will find a guide to the order of items you need to interact with and Eleanor’s interactions.

Life Is Strange True Colors Help Eleanor Remember

The first item that you need to interact with will be the door Open/Closed sign.  If you choose any other item at the starting Eleanor will tell you she doesn’t remember anything. Once you interact with the door sign, Eleanor remembers she always flips the sign, but she got distracted.

The next item you need to interact with is the telephone present in the backside room. She remembers getting distracted by the call, but can’t remember who called. Then you need to interact with the photo of Riley and she will remember that Riley called to place an order.

But she doesn’t remember what did Riley order. You need to interact with the Lillies to make her remember and finally, the cash register to find out for whom did she order. Once you make her remember her memories, she will be a bit cheerful and won’t be in fear. But she had forgotten about Gabe’s wake, and you need to make a big choice on whether to let her know about Gabe Wake or Spare her the pain.

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