Life Is Strange True Colors Choose Steph Or Ryan, Take Anger Or Leave

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. In chapter 3 of this game, you will get two big choices that you have to make. These two big choices are:

  1. Alex Choose Steph To Distract Diane Or Alex Chose Ryan To Distrace Diane.
  2. Alex took Charlotte’s anger from her Or Alex left Charlotte with her anger.

Below you will find the consequences of both of these choices that you make.

Chapter 1 Big Choices & Outcomes

Chapter 2 Big Choices & Outcomes

All Small Choices & Task List For Each Chapter

Life Is Strange True Colors Steph Or Ryan

At the bar, Alex, Ryan, and Steph are planning on how to find out the truth about the call. The plan is to distract Diana and sneak her laptop to find out. Ryan and Steph come with a plan who will seduce her and you have to decide that.

If you decide Steph, Alex will say is a Badass Dj, It’s a no-brainer. Sorry, Ryan. Steph will be happy and tease Ryan, while Ryan seems a little sad. Later Steph will go over to Diana ask her out for drinks and make out?

If you decide Ryan, Steph will be surprised. Alex tries to calm her down by saying “Of course you’re a total smoke show, Steph. But for Diane? I think Ryan is a good choice”. Steph will ask astonishingly This Ryan? Seems like a bad dream. Later Ryan will go to Diane and ask her to go for a hike together.

Note: In chapter 4 you will have to get the romance option for both Ryan and Steph. So I guess this choice might have some effect on that too. We will update the post once we get to know about it.

Life Is Strange True Colors Take Charlotte Anger Or Leave Her Alone

At the end of the LARP, you will meet Charlotte in her apartment where after having a few conversations she will very angry about the situation. While you try to calm down her anger, you are unable to do so. In the end, you have the choice to either take Charlotte Anger or Leave Her Alone.

If you choose to take Charlotte Anger, she will stop being mad and will say sorry to Alex for freaking out at her. There will be an exchange of dialogue after that and you will leave and come back to your room where Ryan and Steph will be waiting for you.  The pen drive has been cracked and now you can finally know the truth about the typhon and the call. But after hearing Gabe’s voice Alex gets very angry and throws the whiskey bottle to which Steph storms out of the apartment and Ryan goes behind her. By taking away her anger you take away her emotion to feel and she won’t stand up for you in chapter 5.

If you choose to leave Charlotte alone, you will get an option to apologize, reassure or say nothing. Once you go back to your place, Alex won’t be angry after hearing the call and you will solve the mystery together with Ryan and Steph. In chapter 5 Charlotte will take your side believing that it’s the typhon’s fault.

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