Life Is Strange True Colors All Three Jewels Location How To Find Them

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. Gabe had planned a LARP for Ethan with the help of Ryan and Steph. Now that Gabe is no more, Alex, Ryan, and Steph along with a lot of characters from Haven will arrange the LARP for Ethan to cheer him up.

In the LARP you need to defeat monsters and collect three jewels that you need to bring back to the king to complete your journey and save the kingdom. Below you will find the location of all three jewels and how to find them

Life Is Strange True Colors All Jewels Location

1st Jewel Location

After starting your journey for the jewel, you will encounter the dire wolf who will be Ryan. After defeating him you will be able to obtain a key and 1 gold. Now head over to the Gullweather’s Tavern (Black Lantern). You can check the LARP map by accessing the character menu and opening the third page. In the Gullweather’s Tavern, you will find a music box. Open to box with the key you received from the dire wolf to get the first jewel.

2nd Jewel Location

The second jewel will be available in the record store for buying. Steph will be the witch who is selling and want 10,000 gold for it. You can haggle the price and she will agree to exchange for one magic fish scale.

To obtain the fish scale you need to go to the alleyway where you met Riley sitting on the bench. There you will find the water serpent whom you need to defeat to obtain the scale. Once you got the scale goes back to the record store and exchange it for the second jewel.

3rd Jewel Location

The third jewel can be obtained on the bridge by defeating or bribing the ogre. To bribe the ogre you will need the troll dust from the record shop. The troll dust will cost you 3 gold to buy. Bribe it to the ogre and he will hand over the third jewel. If you don’t have enough gold coins, you can just defeat the ogre and take the jewel, then go back to the king.

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