Tales Of Arise Trainer For Unlimited Health, Super Damage & Much More

tales of arise

Tales Of Arise is an action-adventure game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. The game is a single-player adventure game where you take control of two main characters to determine the fate of two worlds. You need to collect gears, upgrade them, level up and fight your way through the enemy to complete the game. Below you will find a trainer to boost your character’s stats that will help you explore the game easily.

Tales Of Arise Trainer Download

The trainer is the software that can be used to modify the stats of your character in the game. You can find the trainer by visiting the link HERE. The trainer can edit various things ingame for you and will also work with the steam version. The list of things you can edit are:

  • Unlimited Party Health
  • Unlimited Special Attack Meter
  • Super Damage
  • Protect Friendly Party Members
  • Game Speed
  • Gald
  • Level (Main Character Stats)
  • Level (Character 1 Stats)
  • Level (Character 2 Stats)
  • Current HP (Main Character Stats)
  • Current HP (Character 1 Stats)
  • Current HP (Character 2 Stats)
  • Current HP (Character 3 Stats)
  • XP  (Main Character Stats)
  • XP (Character 1 Stats)
  • XP (Character 2 Stats)
  • XP (Character 3 Stats)
  • SP (Main Character Stats)
  • SP (Character 1 Stats)
  • SP (Character 2 Stats)
  • SP (Character 3 Stats)
  • Max HP  (Main Character Stats)
  • Max HP (Character 1 Stats)
  • Max HP (Character 2 Stats)
  • Max HP (Character 3 Stats)
  • Attack (Main Character Stats)
  • Attack (Character 1 Stats)
  • Attack (Character 2 Stats)
  • Attack (Character 3 Stats)
  • Elemental Attack (Main Character Stats)
  • Elemental Attack (Character 1 Stats)
  • Elemental Attack (Character 2 Stats)
  • Elemental Attack (Character 3 Stats)
  • Defense (Main Character Stats)
  • Defense (Character 1 Stats)
  • Defense (Character 2 Stats)
  • Defense (Character 3 Stats)
  • Elemental Defense (Main Character Stats)
  • Elemental Defense (Character 1 Stats)
  • Elemental Defense (Character 2 Stats)
  • Elemental Defense (Character 3 Stats)
  • Penetration (Main Character Stats)
  • Penetration (Character 1 Stats)
  • Penetration (Character 2 Stats)
  • Penetration (Character 3 Stats)
  • Resistance (Main Character Stats)
  • Resistance (Character 1 Stats)
  • Resistance (Character 2 Stats)
  • Resistance (Character 3 Stats)
  • AG (Main Character Stats)
  • AG (Character 1 Stats)
  • AG (Character 2 Stats)
  • AG (Character 3 Stats)
  • Amount of item

Note: We never recommend using trainers or cheats in any kind of multiplayer game, neither will we promote it.

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