Tales Of Arise Controller Fix Tips Solution & Controller Keybinds

tales of arise

Tales Of Arise is an action-adventure game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. As the game has just been released a lot of PC users are facing an issue as their controller is not working properly or not detecting at all. If you are using the latest controller to play the game, you might not face any issues. But with older controllers, you need to work around a bit till the developers find a permanent solution and release an update for the game. Below you will find few tips on how to play the game with your controller and all the controller keybinds to help you navigate the game easily.

Note: If none of the tips below is working for you, try downloading a DLL file from HERE. Once you have downloaded the DLL file go to your folder where Tales Of Arise is installed, open the Engine folder, then Binaries, then ThirdParty, then Steamworks, then Win64, and finally paste the DLL file there. Then open the game to check if the controller is working or not.

Tales Of Arise Controller Not Working Guide

When you start the game you will first get an option to check all the game settings. Scroll down and you will find the option “Steam Controller Settings” and do the necessary changes. If you have started the game with a keyboard and mouse, you can press the “TAB” button on the keyboard to open the pause menu, and there select the controls option. Then you can press “G” to open the controller setting or just click using your mouse on the setting.

Once the controller setting option has been opened at the bottom of that page you will find an option to “Browser Configs”. On the left side, you will a lot of options such as recommended, personal, friends, community, and much more. Select the community option and choose the config best suited for you with maximum playtime and votes.

You can also try to right-click on the game in your Steam library and select properties. There you will get an option as controller and then under Override for tales of arise you need to select Enable Steam Input. Now you can again try the above method by selecting the steam controller setting in the game.

You can also try to opt out of the steam beta if you have kept it on. If you are using multiple steam library folders, make sure all the folder has been added. You can check it by visiting the steam setting, then download and click on steam library folders. There you will get an option to add a library folder.

Tales Of Arise Controller Keybinds

  • Left Analog Stick – Move
  • Right Analog Stick – Camera
  • LT (L2) – Display Information
  • LB (L1) – Reset Camera 2
  • Start Button – Menu
  • Map Button (Left Side Of Start button) – Pause
  • RT (R2) – Dash
  • RB ( R1) – Play Skit
  • X (Square) – Area Map
  • B (Circle) – Jump
  • A (Cross) – Examine/ Talk
  • Up D-pad – Map Action
  • Down D-pad – Bring Up Help
  • Left D-pad – Activity Records
  • Right D-pad – Bring Up Help
  • LT (L2) – Switch
  • LB (L1) – Target
  • RT (R2) – Evade/Guard
  • RB ( R1) – Normal Attack
  • Y (Triangle) – Arte Attack 1
  • X (Square) – Arte Attack 2
  • B (Circle) – Jump
  • A (Cross) – Arte Attack 3
  • Up D-pad – Boost Attack 1
  • Left D-pad – Boost Attack 2
  • Right D-pad – Boost Attack 3
  • Down D-pad – Boost Attack 4
  • LT (L2) – Trigger
  • LB (L1) – Fishing QTE 1
  • RT (R2) – Cast Lure/Fish QTE 3
  • RB ( R1) – Fishing QTE 2
  • Y (Triangle) – Shake Softly/ Change Implement
  • X (Square) – Shake Strongly
  • B (Circle) – Quit Fishing
  • A (Cross) – Reel In

Note: You can change these keybind from the steam controller settings by selecting any box and then select the particular button you want to change. There you will get a lot of options to select for the ingame action.

Keyboard Controls & How To Quit The Game

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