Life Is Strange True Colors All Big Choices & Outcomes Of Chapter 1

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. As the game is a graphic story-based game that depends on the choices you make. When you make a choice while interacting with other characters, you can see a lantern symbol at the top left side of the screen.

The lantern symbol indicates that the outcome or dialogue of the character has changed according to your choice. This won’t affect the game in long run, just the next 2-3 dialogue will be changed. Apart from that periodically you need to make some hard choices too that might impact the game and how the other character interacts with you later in the game. These choices will be shown in black and white with two choices and you need to select one.

In the first chapter, you will get numerous small choices that just affect the next dialogue and won’t affect the game in the long run. You will also get three hard choices that you need to make which we will cover in this walkthrough.

Note: All the small choices that show a lantern at the top left will have the changed conversation depending on the choices only for the next dialogue. Rest everything will be the same, so you need to go with your guts for these small choices. The big and harder choices will be portrayed in black and white whose outcome you can check below.

At the end of chapter 1, it will show you all the choices you have made so far with the stats of people from all over the world. You can also check these stats among your friends.

All Small Choices List

All Big Choices & Outcomes Of Chapter 2

Life Is Strange True Colors Tell Ethan Secret Or Not

The first hard choice you will get in this game is that should you tell Ethan’s secret to Gabe or not. Well, I decided to tell the secret as kids shouldn’t be allowed to be in dangerous areas. If you choose not to tell Ethan’s secret later at the end of chapter 1 he will eventually go to the mines. Eventually, you tell the truth to Gabe that Ethan has been planning to go to the mine and you could have told him sooner.

If you choose to tell Gabe about Ethan, Gabe will tell Charlotte and Ethan might get into trouble. But eventually, at the end of chapter 1, he goes to the mines, but this time Gabe won’t be angry at you and will thank you for letting him know sooner else worse could have happened. In the bar also when you meet Charlotte for the first time, she will thank you for letting them know that Ethan’s been planning to go to mines and he is not allowed.

Life Is Strange True Colors Tell Riley The Truth About Mac Or Not

When Jed asks you to clean the backroom table of the bar, there will be a few bottles that you need to clean. After cleaning the bottle, Mac will confront you and you will have to have a conversation with him related to the fighting that happened upstairs. It doesn’t matter whatever choices you make the outcome will eventually be the same and in the end, Mac will ask you to lie to Riley about the fight.

If you choose to call out Mac bullshit, Alex will tell the truth to Riley that Mac sucker-punched Gabe and once he was down, Mac was kicking him. Riley will get furious and threaten to break up with Mac.

If you choose to avoid further trouble, Alex will tell you she was there but she has some work to do and the couple will leave.

Note: In chapter 2 you have to meet with Mac, So my guess will be the dialogue might be different at that time. Will keep updating this post once I get to know how to story unfolds with the choices I made.

Update – Later in chapter 2 Riley will be termed as Ex-girlfriend when Alex interacts with Mac. He will blame Alex for their breakup if you choose to call out Mac bullshit. Else she will be termed as Riley only and the rest of the story will be the same in chapter 2.

Life Is Strange Tell Gabe About Your Past Or Powers

When Gabe returns from the hospital with Ryan he will go upstairs and Alex will join him with a beer. You will have the conversation and need to make few small choices. One of the big choices you get is to tell Gabe about your powers or about the past.

I decided to tell him about my powers and if you choose that you will a completely different dialogue till you find out Ethan missing. Choosing to tell about powers, Alex will reveal that she can feel other people’s emotions. Gabe will think that she is a superhero with powers, while Alex thinks it’s a super curse and there will be some more conversation regarding this topic that I don’t want to spoil. You will eventually get the match sticks in Chapter 3 that will be a crucial item in Chapter 5.

If you decide to tell him about his past she will tell him about the foster home, how she never got picked while other kids do. She will tell that how Gabe has everything figured out, he has a girlfriend, a home, and a job. While Alex is a little sad remembering her past, Gabe will offer you a matchbox that contains only 1 matchstick with a message inside that reads “Never Give Up”. This is the only thing that Gabe has kept with himself from the Juvie.

Note: I don’t know if telling your brother about your powers at the starting of the game is a good option. But let’s see how the story unfolds in upcoming chapters.

Big Spoiler If You Have Note Completed The Chapter 1

No matter whichever choices you choose you will not be above saving Gabe. The tragedy will happen and we can’t do anything about it that how the story will continue and you get to play the game more.

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