Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous- The Burning City Wardstone Guide

Pathfinder Wrath Of The RighteousIn Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous, the quest “The Burning City” is obtained once you meet Irabeth. The quest requirement is that you will need to help the crusaders attack the Gray Garrison. After following them to the Second Floor, you will encounter multiple Cultists. In this post, we have focused on how to complete the quest quickly.

The Burning City Wardstone Guide In Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous

After engaging against enemies and defeating them, you will eventually climb the Third Floor where Minagho will try to obstruct your path to the Wardstone. Once you reach the Wardstone where the Baphomet Cultist and Minagho are invoking a spell to persuade all mortals to join their army.

There are many choices that will be revealed if you have a conversation, instead of going to attack them head-on. You can select the Demon/Angel Mythic Path which will somehow affect the cultist’s action. Though in the end, you will need to defeat Minagho especially which will result in her fleeing away and enchanting a spell that will make your character blacked out.

Later you will wake up at Defender’s Heart and thus you helped the crusaders attack the cultists, the quest will end rewarding you 920 Exp. For more guides on Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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