Life Is Strange True Colors How To Find Duckie Rye Whiskey

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. In chapter 1 when you visit the Black Lantern bar for the first time, the owner Jed will ask you to help him out by asking customers about their order.

Life Of Strang True Colors Duckie Order

One of the customers will be Duckie and Diane. Duckie food order will be a cheeseburger with mushrooms and Diana will have a pie special with fries. Duckie will ask for his usual to drink and when you go to Jed with their order, he wouldn’t be able to find the usual drink that is Rye whiskey.

Last night Duckie took it to the room on the first floor of Black Lantern with Gabe and Pike. He got too wasted and couldn’t remember where he kept the bottle. Below you will find how to get the Rye whiskey bottle for Duckie.

Life Is Strange True Colors Rye Whiskey Location Walkthrough

Once you give Duckie and Diana’s food order to Jed he will ask you to look for the whiskey upstairs. There you will find whiskey on top of the TV shelf and beside the kitchen sink on the top shelf but none of those places contains the special whiskey.

You need to talk with Officer Pike who will be sitting in front of the bartender. If you can’t find officer Pike, you need to go to the backside of the bar and clear the beer bottles off the table. Then Mac will approach you to have a conversation and after the conversation officer Pike will show up.

After having a conversation with Pike he will go and sit on the chair in front of the bartender. Go near him and interact with him to ask about Duckie whiskey. He will ask you to look for Gabe’s wall of shame where there will be few photos posted on the wall. Interact with the photos to find the location of the whiskey which will be near the couch upstairs.

Then go near the couch and you will have an option to search for the whiskey. Once you find the whiskey, there will be a loading screen and you will automatically offer the bottle to Duckie who will pour a drink for Alex too. You can find the wall of shame beside the spooked Patreon.

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