Life Is Strange True Colors Guess Music & Win The Jukebox Steph Game

life is strange true colors

Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game developed by Deck Nine, Square Enix. In this game, in Chapter 1 you will encounter Steph first at the music shop where she will be playing the songs on the radio for Haven town.

Later she will be furious at someone on the phone and Ryan asks her to go out of the shop to talk while he handles the songs for the radio. Later you will meet Steph at the Black Lantern bar. Jed will ask you to cover up for Gabe and ask the customers about orders.

Steph will be sitting alone and once you interact with her she will ask you to play a game. You need to guess the music she played on the Jukebox and whoever loses will have to drink Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps. You could only ask 5 questions and then have to guess the songs. Below you will find the answers to these 5 questions and the name of the song to win the game.

Life Is Strange True Colors Steph Song Name On Jukebox

You will have 4 categories of questions you could ask and within each category, you will have a number of questions that you can ask. But you need to remember you could only ask 5 questions and after that, you need to choose a song. The categories of questions are:

  • Song Title Questions
  • Band Name Questions
  • Cover Art Questions
  • Personal Questions

Below are the question and the answers I received from Steph

  • Does the title have any curse words? Ans – A “curse word”? Would that offend you? No curse words on the title.
  • Is the band name only one word? Ans – It is more than one word.
  • Is there an animal on the cover art? Ans – Uh, no. No animals.
  • Longtime fan? Ans – Maybe a year? Honestly, I just have a crush on the bassist. (So it’s a band, not a solo artist).
  • Why do you like it? Ans – The lyrics crack me up. Even the title’s pretty goofy. Reminds me of fun times, I guess.

Note: The name of the song is “Kiss Up and Shut Me” by The F*ckadelics.

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