Bloodhunt- Statue Location Bloody Roots, Part 1 Guide

BloodhuntBloodhunt is a new battle royale where various Vampires are competing against themselves to climb and prove themselves that they are the alpha. There are various civilians that strengthen the Vampire, once you are drunk from their blood. They are highlighted in special colors and can gain their special attributes for up to 3 instances. There is a hidden quest system that you can acquire after talking to the specific NPC’s depending on the quest you have completed before. In this post, we have explained what you need to do in order to collect the Statue.

Statue Location Bloody Roots, Part 1 Guide For Bloodhunt

Once you enter the lobby or Asylum, you can talk to the NPC’s who will give you a quest if you complete the previous one. For the Bloody Roots, Part 1, you will need to talk to the Custos(Keeper Of Asylum).


He will have you find and retrieve a statue for Custos as a gift for Kirill. You can spawn directly to the Rooftop Restaurant and run towards the Antique Shop which is marked on the map. Enter the shop through the entrance and collect the Quest Item as shown in the image above. The Quest Item would be marked yellow on the map. Here you can also collect various melee weapons and the purple-colored melee weapons have the extra ability in the form of Scourge Dash and Reflect.

You don’t need to win, you can simply die and respawn back to the Elysium to accept another quest as your previous quest will be completed once you have collected the Quest Item. Remember, the Quest Item for Bloody Roots Part 1 always spawns at the Antique Shop and can be collected by any other vampires. So, basically, if you want to complete the quest, spawn and run mindlessly to collect the Quest Item first. We will keep on updating posts on Bloodhunt, keep checking our latest posts frequently.

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