Bloodhunt- Painting Location Bloody Roots, Part 2 Guide


In Bloodhunt, as we now know that there are various quests that can also be completed apart from the Daily and Seasonal Challenges. Now, the second quest i.e. Bloody Roots, Part 2 requires you to collect the Painting or retrieve the Artwork. Enter Elysium, and have a talk with Kirill (Brujah Primogen), to accept the quest first. In this post, we have mentioned the location where you can find the Quest Item in this case, the Painting on which part of the map.

Painting Location Bloody Roots, Part 2 Guide In Bloodhunt

Once you enter the Matchmaking and select your Character, make sure that you spawn somewhere near the Art Gallery on the map. Remember that you are not the only one who is completing the quest and as the Quest Item is limited per round of Battle Royale, expect other Vampires and massacres. After spawning near Art Gallery, look at your map where the yellow-colored mark for the Quest Item will be highlighted.


The Art Gallery is inside one of the buildings and on the second or third floor perhaps. The Quest Item can be collected as shown in the image provided above. The Quest Item lies on the ground alone. As your time was consumed collecting the Quest Item, you can focus on the game or die quickly to accept the third quest from the Maia. It is a quick grind to gain 1000 Exp easily.

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