FIST Forged In Shadow Torch Where To Find The Skeleton Key & Use It

FIST Forged In Shadow Torch

FIST Forged In Shadow Torch is a fighting adventure platform game developed by Shanghai TiGames Network Technology Limited. The skeleton boxes are the closed boxes with a lot of coins and some extract. It can be an HP extract or any different kind of extract. Each map will have a skeleton box and in that map, you need to find Flip the flying mouse who will give you the skeleton key to open the box.

The first box can be founded while just progressing the game in the power station area. Below you will find where to find the first skeleton key as you might miss it. Once you get the skeleton key you need to go back to the box and interact with it to open it. Below you will find the location of the skeleton key in the power station and the prison.

Check out to find out the location of Shen your comrade prison location.

FIST Forged In Shadow Torch Skeleton Key Locations

1st Skeleton Key

The first skeleton box can be found on the power station you don’t need to come back to the location shown above once you get the key. Keep on progressing the main quest and eventually, you have to come back again to the power station when you get the drill.

Once you get the drill you will get a quick tutorial on how to use Autogyro and float using the drill. Float towards the right side, then drop down and you will hear a voice asking for help. You need to use your heavy attack to break the vent on the floor. Jump down and break the barrel to reveal Flip who will give you the key

2nd Skeleton Key

Once you defeat the main boss of the prison on the 4th floor, you will get the prison key. Visit the location marked in red on the above image to locate Flip. Use the prison key to get him out and you will get the Skeleton key.

2nd Skeleton Box

The skeleton box is hidden on the top side of the vent shown in the above image. When you progress the game using the floating platform and dodge the enemy traps. Double jump on the opening of the ceiling shown in the above image and you will find the skeleton box.

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