Surgeon Simulator 2 Cold Storage How To Get Fuse & Diagnostic Scanner

surgeon simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a physics-based surgery sim game developed by Bossa Studios. The locked out is the 4th surgery of the main quest that you need to complete in order to truly know the secret behind the center. In this stage, you won’t have the diagnostic scanner at the starting of the surgery. You need to find the diagnostic scanner in order to find out what’s wrong with the patient. To find the diagnostic scanner you need to search for the fuse and put it on the fuse box. Below you will find out where to find the fuse, diagnostic scanner, and complete the surgery.

Surgery Simulator 2 Locked Out Walkthrough

As you enter the surgery room and press the red button for the patient to come out, you might get confused about what’s wrong with the patient as the diagnostic scanner won’t be present there. Take the left door and you will find 3 big vents. Open each of the vents and you will find 2 fuse box and one has a way through vents. Go through the vents to find another fuse box that will have a fuse present.

You need to take out that fuse and come out of the vent, then use that fuse on the other two fuse boxes to open the door. After putting the fuse in the middle fuse box, the middle door will open and you will have access to all the tools, blood, and blood stopper. You will also find the diagnostic scanner there which you need to carry and bring to the surgery room.

Once you put the scanner in place, you will find out that the person has an unhealthy left leg, heart, and stomach. Now put the fuse on the other fuse box that is on the right side and you will have access to the organ room where you will find all the organs. Bring out the healthy organs required for the transplant.

Use a hammer to break the ribs, saw to cut left leg, and scalpel to take out heart and stomach. Replace all the unhealthy organs with healthy ones and you will complete the surgery.

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