A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox Killua Unlock Full Walkthrough Guide

A Universal Time

A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox is an action-adventure game developed by Universe Time Studio. The game is inspired by the various powerful characters across anime, shows, and games. You can become your favorite character ingame and use its ability. To unlock characters or stands in this game you need to complete a certain challenge. The latest character added to the collection is Killua that might not be that easy to complete. Below you will find all the challenges to complete to unlock killua abilities.

A Universal Time How To Start Killua Challenge

To start the killua challenge you need to first head over to the beach area and find killua. Then you need to interact with him to accept his challenge. The list of challenges are:

  • Endure The Way Of Yakuza
  • Inflict 7,777 Damage
  • Dash 77 Times
  • Use 7 Arrows
  • Take 7,777 Damage
  • Use Brawler’s Instinct 77 times

A Universal Time How To Unlock Killua

All the challenges are easy except the brawler’s instinct one. The rest of the challenges might take some time but you can do it easily with one of your friends. To endure the way of yakuza you need to let your friend inflict damage on you or you can ask someone nearby to lower your HP. Once your HP is below 30% you need to press the “H” key on the keyboard to activate the Enduring way of Yakuza.

You can inflict damage on your dummies or let your friend take all the damage. Dummies can be found in the park which is in the middle area, but that might be crowded with a lot of players who might hinder your challenge.

You can find arrows in the jungle area or they can spawn anywhere on the map on top of a cliff too. Interacting with meteor grants you arrows or you can buy them from the shop.

A Universal Time How To Use Brawler’s Instinct

To use brawler’s instinct first of all you need to be stateless. To be standless you need to find the NPC with a purple color suit with the name “Ability Storage”. Interact with the NPC and select the standless option. Then you need to press “V” at the perfect time when you are just about to get hit. Basically, you need to parry opponent attacks 77 times. Doing all these challenges with a friend will take less and can be completed very easily.

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