A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox- How To Get All Stand And Items

A Universal TimeIn A Universal Time Roblox where all the players flaunt and control their rare Stand that is available to all the players. There are various Stands ranging from common to rare. The common Stands can be obtained using the Arrow which can be purchased or found in the meteorite. Learn how to collect all the Stands and items to increase your collection.

How To Get All Stand And Items In A Universal Time Roblox

There are various ways to obtain Stands and the most common way is to find the meteorite and collect the Arrows. The powerful Stands are obtained by completing the Quests and these are the total Stands list and the quests required to be completed.

Stands (Arrow)

This list contains all the Stand that can be obtained or achieved after using the Arrows are:

  • Star Platinum
  • Killer Queen
  • Crystallized
  • Shadow Dio
  • The World
  • Golden Experience
  • Whitesnake
  • King Crimson
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Planet Shaper (Rare)
Stands (Quests)

Omnitrix- Similar to meteor but it is a blue-colored Alien Pod. Make sure that you are Standless unless you wanna swap or change it from your current Stand.

Sakuya- To obtain the quest, make sure you are wandering near the park or Colosseum as it can spawn a random reddish-black portal out. Enter the portal and complete the misc. quest from Sakuya Izayoi to obtain a Watch. Use it while you are Standless.

Planet Shaper- To obtain it, you will need to equip Crystallized, and once interacting with the Meteor it will start to shrink. At that moment summon Crystallized to obtain Planet Shaper which is quite difficult to time. Another way is to obtain it from the Arrow.

Gaster- To obtain the quest, pass the Forest and stop at the edge of the Devil’s Palm. As shown in the image, you will find the quest from here.


Nocturnus Quest- At the top of the hill, climb up to where Dio would be standing opposite the Dawn Sword. Interact with him to get the quest. After completing the requirements, you will get the “Evil Fragments”. Use it to obtain the Nocturnus Stand.

Dawn Sword- After you have collected the book “Tales Of The Universe”, climb up the mountain, and near the house, you can be able to interact with the NPC “StucksDucks”. After that, you can collect the Sword effortlessly. The book has a random spawn through the chest or on the map.

Bone- The Bone can be obtained from the Devil’s Palm after digging up the sand or you can purchase it from the shop which is quite expensive. Using Bone, you can obtain Sans Stand, however, it can be upgraded to xChara if you have xSol. xSol is a random reward in the chest that you have to grind eventually. On Sans Stand use xSol to get xChara.

Sol- After obtaining Star Platinum, defeat Dio. The quest will be provided and at the end, you will have to kill Dio in order to obtain Sol.

Goku- Once you have accepted the quest and collected all the 7 Dragon Balls, meet Goku to hand him over the Dragon Balls. Then you will be granted a wish i.e. Destruction or Power. Selecting Destruction will let you obtain the Reaper whereas selecting Power will let you obtain Goku. Goku can transform using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 keys.

Tusk- To obtain Tusk, you will need to complete all 4 Acts.

  • Use the Saint Left Arm when Standless to complete the Tusk Act 1.
  • In the Desert, interact with Johnny Joestar who spawns at an interval of time. Complete the quest to Nail-Glide in order to complete Act 2.
  • Use Dark Determination and at a chance of 15%, Jesus will appear which will complete Act 3.
  • The Final Act 4 is to retrieve the Eye of the Saint and hand it to Gyro. Make sure you have equipped the Tusk Act 3 equipped while talking to the Gyro.

The World- After obtaining Shadow Dio from the Arrow, you can move to the Forest where an NPC “Him” would be present. Interact with him in order to obtain the quest, after completing it he will give you Joestar’s Blood which can be used while Shadow Dio Stand is equipped in order to get The World.

The World: Over Heaven Quest- After obtaining The World Stand, you will need to find Dio’s Diary from the chest or by defeating Dio. Use Dio’s Diary on The World to obtain TWOH (The World Over Heaven)

The World High Voltage- To obtain TWHV, use Eye of the Saint on Shadow Dio.

Star Platinum The World- After finding the Hat for Jotaro which spawns randomly on the map. He will provide you a quest (make sure you have equipped Star Platinum). Complete the quest by which he will give you SPTW.

Star Platinum Requiem- To obtain SPR, you will need to first find the Cursed Orb that spawns randomly in the Chest. Use Cursed Orb on Star Platinum to obtain SPR. The spawn rate of Cursed Orb is very low.

Shadow The World Requiem- To obtain STWR, you will need to first find the Cursed Orb that spawns randomly in the Chest. Use Cursed Orb on Shadow Dio to obtain STWR. The spawn rate of Cursed Orb is very low.

Golden Experience Requiem- After obtaining Golden Experience, you will need a Requiem Arrow that can be collected through Chest. Use it on Golden Experience and press J to equip the Golden Experience Requiem.

The Way To Heaven- Once you have Whitesnake obtained from the Arrow, move to the Park and talk to Enrico Pucci who is also your Ability Resetter. Complete the Quest to obtain C-Moon. You will need Dio’s Bone to use it on Whitesnake.

Killua- Go to the Beach where Killua would be chilling under the umbrella. Obtain the quest and complete the quest against Dummies.

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