Surgeon Simulator 2 Locked Out Walkthrough Replace Unhealthy Intestine

surgeon simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a physics-based surgery sim game developed by Bossa Studios. Locked out is the 3rd surgery of the main story quest. In this surgery, you need to find a way to the surgery room.  Then you need to replace the unhealthy right leg, left hand, and intestine.

You need to complete two sub-quests to get an extra costume and hat. The subquest you need to complete to receive extra rewards as cosmetics are:

  • Complete the surgery in under 7 minutes.
  • The patient must lose less than 550ml of blood

Surgeon Simulator 2 How To Lose Less Blood

The toughest challenge of this level will be losing less than 550ml of blood and you will receive a hat for completing this challenge. You can do this by using the right tools to operate during the surgery. Use the saw to cut the hand and leg, make sure you have the blood stopper beside you in the chair to quickly use it and stop the blood that is oozing out.

You need to use the hammer to break the rib cage and then the scalpel to remove the intestine. You can remove the hand, leg, and intestine one by one and you will have 3 blood stoppers to use and stop the blood. You can check how much blood is lost on the monitor.

To enter the surgery room you need to go to the first floor using the stairs. To enter the first-floor room you need a spare hand that you can find on the shelf. Use the hand to enter the room and on the right side, you will find a ventilator to jump down and enter the surgery room.

Once you remove the unhealthy parts, take those to the other room where you can exchange these unhealthy organs with the healthy ones and stick them back on Bob to complete the surgery.

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