Craftopia Crashing Fix For PC & Xbox Players Some Basic Tips


Craftopia is an open-world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. The initial release date of the game was on July 2020 only on steam. From that time till now the game is still on early access and will be released fully soon once all the bugs have been fixed.

Before starting the game you will get a notification that the game is in early access. The game has some bugs that have been constantly fixed by the active developers and you might face crashes. If you are facing any bugs or random crashes you might contact the developers in Discord from HERE.

The game has just been released on the Xbox console recently and players are facing frequent crashes. Before going any further, let me tell you there is no permanent fix available for the crashes and only the developer will be able to fix it with future updates. Till then you can try some of the basic tips that I have mentioned below to reduce the crashing.

Craftopia Crashing Solution

Pc Crashing Fix
  • Update your graphics driver to the latest version.
  • Verify the Integrity of game files.
  • Try running the game in window mode.
  • Try reducing the graphics and resolution of the game.
Xbox Crashing Fix
  • Check if your Xbox console is updated with the latest software.
  • While loading your character the game crashes, try deleting the save file as it might have got corrupted.
  • Try reducing the Xbox graphics upscaling from 4k to 1080p.
  • Restart the console & the game.
  • Re-install the game.

Note: Players with Xbox Series S are facing more crashes than players with Xbox Series X or One X. Still that doesn’t mean just getting a beefier console will fix the issue. The developers are working on various bugs and for the final release, that will happen soon. If by using the above methods your game is still crashing, you can try mailing or messaging the developers.

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