Surgeon Simulator 2 Build A Better Bob Open Doors To Get Hands Guide

surgeon simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a physics-based surgery sim game developed by Bossa Studios. Build a better bob is the second surgery of the main story where you need to replace both the unhealthy arms. Replacing an arm can be quite easy but finding the right tools and replacement can be quite hard in this stage. To get the replacement hand and the tool to cut the hand you need to open the closed doors on the left side. In this guide below you can check out how to open the door and complete the surgery easily.

Surgeon Simulator 2

First, you need to inject blood as the patient Bob’s level is quite low. Then either you can use the saw to cut the hand where the blood level will decrease slowly. Else you can just rip off and use the blood stopper quickly.

To inject blood you need to press the red button on the right side of the patient and get the injection. You need to use all 3 blood injections if you are going to just rip those arms out and use the blood stopper quickly. Besides the blood injection, you can also get the blood stopper by pressing the red button.

To open the doors to get the replacement hands, you need to pick up the small flower vase from the shelf and then stand on the wooden box. From there jump and drop the vase to the other side that will open the door. To get the replacement hands you need to first cut the patient hand and drop them on the container.

Then take the healthy hand and place it on the patient to successfully complete the surgery. You can also check out the video displayed above for the complete walkthrough of the surgery.

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