Cookie Clicker ascension tree, prestige level, heavenly chips & sugar lump

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game developed by Julien Thiennot, DashNet. The main objective of the game is to bake as many cookies as you can ideally by buying upgrades from the shop. This game has a variety of upgrades and different types of cookies available for you to bake and finally when you have enough, you can use them to ascend and upgrade the skill tree.

The skill is a tree is quite huge and it may take ages to get all the upgrades available. To buy the upgrade from the skill tree, you need to spend the heavenly chips after ascending. At the top part of the game, you can find a legacy menu from where you can ascend. Below you will find a brief guide on Ascension Tree, Prestige Level, Heavenly chips & Sugar Lumps.

Cookie Clicker Guide

Ascension Tree

Once you select the legacy option, it will prompt you that if you want to ascend or not. And how much prestige level you will get after ascending. To get the first prestige points, you need to make at least 1 trillion cookies. Once you complete the ascension, you will see a big ascension tree and once you hover your mouse over them, you can check how many heavenly chips are needed.

The few upgrades you may find in the ascension tree at the beginning are:

  • Legacy – 1 Chip
  • Heavenly Cookies – 3 chips
  • How To Bake Your Dragon – 9 Chip
  • Box Of Macarons – 25 Chip
  • Box Of Brand Biscuits – 25 Chip
  • Tin Of British Tea Biscuits – 25 Chip
  • Tin Of Butter Cookies – 25 Chip
  • Twin Gates Of Transcendence – 1 Chip
  • Belphegor – 7 Chip
  • Angels – 7 Chip
Prestige Level

Prestige level is the level you get once you ascend the game using the legacy option. Through prestige level, you get heavenly chips to upgrade the ascension tree. Each prestige level grants you a permanent +1% CPS and they require more cookies when you reach a higher level. There are many achievements also related to the prestige level.

Heavenly Chips

Heavenly chips are used to get the heavenly upgrade which is also known as the skills or ascension tree. You get these chips by upgrading your prestige level. You get one heavenly chip each time you increase your prestige level.

Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are the currency to get various types of upgrades from the store on the right side. Sugar lumps take real-time hours to mature and have a certain window of time in which you can collect them. If you miss within that time period it will fall off. Sugar lumps mostly start appearing once you have baked at least 1 billion cookies just below the stats menu.

Achievements You Can Unlock Easily At The Starting

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