Wacky Wizards- How To Unlock Frog Ingredient Of Goblin Village Update

Wacky Wizards

At Wacky Wizards Roblox the new update “Goblin Village” has a new small quest that gives you the new ingredient i.e. a Frog. Log in and learn how to get the new frog ingredient whereas checking the new combination with the old ingredients. However, this guide is strictly focused on how to get the Frog and from where?

How To Obtain/Unlock Frog Ingredient Of Goblin Village Update In Wacky Wizards

There is a small goblin village on the map where you will find 5 types of Goblin who will be standing behind a cauldron where you need to help them feed stew. Interact with every single goblin to learn what they want and which stew they need.

From the left, The 1st Goblin i.e. Kid Goblin needs a straightforward Noodle Stew which can be brewed using Pool Noodle in the cauldron provided at the Goblin Village.

The 2nd Goblin i.e. Fat Goblin wants you in the Stew which can be brewed after you die using the Shrink ray potion. The first teleport to your Cauldron, brew a Shrink Ray Potion and use it while standing on the Cauldron presented to you in the Goblin Village. Spawn back and run towards the village again to pick up the brewed potion of YOU and give it to the Fat Goblin.

The 3rd and 4th Goblin i.e. Vegan Goblin and Midget Goblin. They need straightforward stew i.e. Beans and Giant’s Ear respectively to be brewed and feed them separately.

Finally, the Goblin Leader will demand a spicy stew which is also a straightforward potion of the Chilli ingredient. Feed him and Interact with him again that will let the Goblin Leader gift you a new Ingredient “Frog”.

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