Tormented Souls- Intensive Care Corridor Door Combination Puzzle

Tormented SoulsIn Tormented Souls, we know that the combination key is used to be examined and turn the dial to solve the puzzle. There are multiple doors which makes this key as an important resource that unlocks various rooms and paths. One of the doors that connects the Intensive Care Corridor is locked that can be unlocked by solving the puzzle and turning the dial by deciphering the hints properly. In this guide, we have compiled the puzzle solution and how the hint has been deciphered.

Intensive Care Corridor Door Combination Puzzle In Tormented Souls

In order to rotate the specific dial which is required to unlock the Intensive Care Corridor, there is a hint on the door which is a normal numeric number. Using the same combination key, turn the dials to these specific patterns or geometrical shapes i.e.

  • Pentagon
  • Triangle
  • Circle

The solution is simple, Pentagon has 5 sides, Triangle has 3 sides and 8 can be viewed sideways which makes it infinite hence, Circle. For more guides on Tormented Souls, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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