Surgeon Simulator 2 Heartbroken Walkthrough How To Open Door

surgeon simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a physics-based surgery sim game developed by Bossa Studios. The game can be quite hard to play around with as the physics of the hand can be hard to understand at the starting. You need to use the proper tools and successfully complete the surgery to advance to the next stage.

Make sure not to just rip off the patient’s organs else they will bleed faster and die. You can check the patient blood level on the monitor and can give the syringe if the blood level drops.

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Surgeon Simulator 2 How To Open The Freezer Door

The first patient you encounter has an unhealthy heart that you need to replace. The healthy heart will be behind the locked door that can be opened only after you remove the unhealthy heart. Just to the right side of the closed door, there will be stairs that will lead you to your own office.

There you will find your ID card that you need to bring down to the scanner. The on the right side you will find slider doors where you will find the tools to do the surgery. You need a scalpel and a small hammer. Use the hammer to break the rib cage, and the scalpel to remove the lungs.

Then again use the scalpel to remove the heart and place it on the container that is on the left side of the door. Once you keep your ID card on the scanner and the unhealthy heart on the container. The middle door of the freezer will open and there you will find a healthy heart.

Bring the healthy heart back to the patient and place it on the chest to successfully complete the surgery. You don’t have to put back the lungs or repair the rib cage for the mission to complete.

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