Craftopia How To Craft Monster Prism, Tame Animals & Dragons


Craftopia is an open-world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. In the latest update, players can capture animals, dragons and make them your pets. Capturing a dragon is really hard and won’t be that easy. In this guide below you will find out about how to capture animals using a monster prism, tame animals, and pet the dragon.

Craftopia How To Craft A Monster Prism

Monster prism works just like a Pokeball that you need to throw at animals who have HP below 20% to have a  higher chance of capturing them. To craft a monster prism, you need to go to your stone workbench and check the menu throwing weapons. Under that, there will be the monster prism that requires 3x Iron Ingot and 2x Sand.

Craftopia How To Tame & Pet Animals

To tame and pet animals you need to first capture a monster using the monster prism. Then craft the pet management machine from the stone workbench. Once you craft the pet management machine, place it on the ground. Then put the monster prism on the pet management machine and you will have an option to store the animal or pet the animal. If you pet an animal its level will reduce to 1. After taming or petting the animal you will be able to ride it.

Craftopia How To Capture & Tame The Dragon

Capturing a dragon might be quite hard as you need to lower its HP below 20% to be able to capture it. Once you lower his HP make sure to have enough chain resistance bullets built in your inventory that you need to use. You need to hit it with 4 chain resistance bullets to hold him to the ground and after that only you will be able to successfully throw the monster prism. Try out 2-3 times if you are not able to capture it in one try. Once you have captured the dragon, take it to the pet management machine and turn the captured dragon into a pet.

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