Craftopia Does It Have Crossplay How To Play Multiplayer With Friends


Craftopia is an open-world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. There are a lot of things you can craft and interact with within this game. But the most fun thing is to enjoy the game with some friends. Crafting, building, and playing together with friends have their own excitement and fun.

Recently the game has been released on Xbox console and Microsoft store that players can purchase. As of right now, players can only play multiplayer among themselves only if they are playing from the same platform.

Craftopia Multiplayer

Currently, you can join your friends and play multiplayer by using their IP addresses. You can also join them directly from steam if you are already added them to your friend list. As soon as you or your friends host the game through multiplayer you need to choose the option to join from steam. Once you select that option, the list of the world hosted by your friends from steam will show and you can join them.

On Xbox similarly, you need to first add them as a friend on your Xbox profile. Then select the ingame multiplayer option. Before joining or inviting your friend you need to create your own character. After that, there will be an option to “Join Friends”.

Craftopia Crossplay

  Currently, as you can see from the tweet that the game is available for crossplay only between the Microsoft store and Xbox version. The only way to connect with your friends playing from PC is by getting an Xbox game pass for PC.  While the developers are working on it, we are sure the crossplay feature will soon be available between all the platforms.

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