A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox- Control List You Need To Know

A Universal TimeIn A Universal Time Roblox, the person who is new and got attracted to the JoJo theme fight game might get confused as the controls are not clear. While pressing every single button, one might get frustrated as your character Standless will be walking around on the map clueless. So, check out this guide as it provides you the complete Controls list and its function.

Control List, You Need To Know In A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox

These are the complete control list that is available in the game,

  • W,A,S,D- Movement Keys
  • Spacebar- Jump
  • Z- Run/Walk (Toggle)
  • X- Block
  • C- Dash
  • Q- Summon The Stand which you have currently equipped.
  • Shift- Lock the camera.
  • LMB- Use Tool
  • Backspace- Drop Tool
  • `(Console Button)- Backpack
  • Tab- Playerlist
  • F9- Dev Console
  • F12- Record Video
  • F11- Fullscreen
  • M- Menu List
  • N- Speak their respective Taunt or dialogues.
  • O- Zoom Camera Out
  • I- Zoom Camera In
  • Stand Abilities- E, R, T, Y, P, F, G, H, V, B, N. (Abilities button for your Stand)

These Stand Abilities button works on all Stands, though few of these buttons might not have the move equipped. The reason that the Stands has lesser moves is due to their rarity. The rarer Stand will have more moves than the common ones.

Xbox Controls
  • A- Jump
  • B- Back
  • X- Leave
  • Y- Reset Character
  • R3- Zoom In
  • RT- Use Tool
  • RB/LB- Switch Tool

We are stuck walking at the beginning whereas a few of the players are running with their Stands on. To run freely, you will need to press “Z” once and press the movement key. We will start updating more posts and guide about A Universal Time, so keep coming here frequently.

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