Genshin Impact Best Fishing Location & How To Unlock Fishing

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. With the latest 2.1 updates, the game has added a new feature as fishing. There are various fishes to catch throughout the map and in this post, you will find out some of the best spots to fish. For you to be able to learn how to fish you need to be at least adventure rank 30. Below you will find out the quest you need to complete to learn about fishing and all the best locations.

Genshin Impact How To Fish

To unlock fishing, you need to talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt and start the exploding quest. She is the one who gives you rewards for leveling up your adventure rank. Once you interact with her you need to go outside of Mondstandt on the marked location to talk with an NPC called “Nantuck”.

You will be asked to meet at a different location where he will teach you about fishing. In different water bodies, you will find different types of fish. To locate fishes in the water, you can check out for any ripple effect or if there is an ornamental fish, there will be some kind of light ray above the ripple.

Once you are near the water body, you will be prompted to fish by pressing the appropriate button depending on the platform you are playing. Once you start fishing you need to choose the hook and bait, then throw the hook onto the water. Do not throw directly at the fish as it might scare them away.

Once the fish is been caught in the hook, there will be a meter on the screen and you need to place the marker inside the small bar that keeps on moving to successfully catch the fish. You will be able to buy fishing rods, baits, and blueprints once you finished with the exploding quest.

Genshin Impact Best Fishing Location

In the below images you can check out some of the best locations to fish and get the ornamental fish. You can check out the exact kind of fish you need by checking out the interactive map HERE.


Genshin Impact fishing location

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