Tormented Souls- Tetris Drawing Block Puzzle Archives Door Solution

Tormented Souls

In Tormented Souls, there is a door at the Chapel. That door requires a special type of key to open as there is a hint stuck on the door. After obtaining the key, you will be able to unlock the door and enter the Archives room. Though first, you will need the combination key and that will be obtained after solving the Skeleton Statue puzzle at Experiment Room. Click here, to know how to get the Combination Key. In this guide, we have explained what’s the solution to the door puzzle.

Tetris Drawing Block Puzzle Archives Door Solution In Tormented Souls

The page stuck on the door is a hint and in this case, there is a Tetris block diagram. If we have played Tetris then, we know that there are blocks that we need to flatten in order to clear it. So we fit the perfect shaped blocks or strategize it like that. Similarly, there is a combination hint which is shown in the image below.

Tormented Souls

Above Keyhole, the hint of the combination is listed and with this, you will need to think of a block fitting that shaded part. From the top, you will need to assign this combination as told in the following:

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Star

This fits perfectly as per the hint and following the Tetris rule. The same key can be used to unlock the different doors having the same type of door puzzle. For more guides on Tormented Souls, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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