Tormented Souls- Pharmacy Door Lock Combination Puzzle Solution

Tormented SoulsIn Tormented Souls, there is a special kind of door that requires a special key which we have come across at the beginning of the game. However, at that moment we didn’t have the necessary items. Now perhaps if you are in the post then that means you have the combination key which we acquired at the Experiment Room. The combination to open Pharmacy Door Lock by using Combination Key is mentioned in this post.

Pharmacy Door Lock Combination Puzzle Solution In Tormented Souls

At the door, we have given the biggest hint that Humans are denoted in the shape of Earth or a circle. If you have obtained the Combination Key, Examine and change the dial according to the picture mentioned on the door. In this case, we have:

  • Alien i.e. Star for outer space.
  • Pharaoh i.e. Triangle for Pyramid.
  • Bee i.e. Hexagon for Honeycombs.

Once you set the dial to this perfect sequence, use it on the Pharmacy door to open and gain access to that area. Similarly, this combination key has its importance later again but for now, this is it. For more guides on Tormented Souls, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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