Tormented Souls- Operating Room Body, How To Get Knife

Tormented SoulsIn Tormented Souls, there is a time when you will get stuck and exhausted all the key items to open the path. However, there might be a mini-boss whom you might have ignored and left who will give you a key item to advance levels. In this guide, we will explain where you will get the knife that will be used to cut the rope tied on a vent.

Operating Room Body And How To Get Knife To Cut Rope In Tormented Souls

Through Observation Room we have already seen the Shaman circling around the corpse. After talking to the Father, he also explained that this was a ritual where a Shaman who has special blood would dance around the corpse in order for them to rise again.

This was a clue that we have already ignored it and advanced through the story where now we are stuck. It bugged us why giving Shotgun now and still, there is no boss or mini-boss to fight. In reality, we all missed it. So, all we need to do is go to the Operating Room. There is a switch that only turns on or off in that specific room.

Turn Off the light and circle around the corpse three times, counter-clockwise which will allow him to rise. Eliminate him to collect the Scalpel lying on the stretcher which will be used to cut the rope and advance forward. For more guides click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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