Tormented Souls- How And Where To Get Shotgun Location Updated

Tormented SoulsAt Tormented Souls, you will obtain Shotgun Shells quite early in the game before even Shotgun is introduced. The curiosity to collect Shotgun from then will be at its peak, as it would be a satisfying one-shot to the crawling enemies. Even big enemies are succumbed to die quickly when faced with the mighty Shotgun. In this post, we have mentioned their location to where you will find its components.

How And Where To Get Shotgun Location In Tormented Souls

To obtain a Shotgun, you will need to collect the 2 unmissable Resources which will be presented on your way. First, at Service Area, you will find the first piece of the Shotgun that can be combined with its final part. After defeating one of the wheelchairs bad boys, advance forward where you will notice a creepy doll sitting on a drawer. Interact and collect the first piece of a pipe with an attached handle that smells like sulfur.

After unlocking the Library area, you will be able to access the Observation Room. The same creepy doll will be present sitting on top of a drawer that holds the final part of the Shotgun. Interact and collect the pipe with an attached handle which also smells like sulfur.

Now open your Inventory, and hover to the resources to combine in order to make a Shotgun that can be used to take down enemies. For more guides on Tormented Souls, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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