Tormented Souls- Lock Code For The Cabinet Door

Tormented Souls

After the letter received from “John Doe”, Wildberger Hospital, Winterlake, Blackwood Island, Canada in Tormented Souls. Caroline Walker the main protagonist decided to visit the Wilderger Hospital and her whole life changed. Eye missing, buck naked with a pipe shoved in her throat as one performed surgery while she was unconscious. In such a horrifying environment, one needs to keep calm and solve the puzzles to unravel the mystery of the twins. The first so-called puzzle would be the code for the padlock which is holding the cabinet door.

Lock Code For The Cabinet Door In Tormented Souls

The padlock has a 4 digit code whose clue will be mentioned in William Wildberger’s Diary. Her wife used the time when the twins were born as a lucky number. She used the code wherever she goes. To find the lucky number or the time when the twins were born in the pocket watch which you will obtain in the cabinet beside the locked one.

Tormented Souls

Examine the watch which would be present at Files. Press the upper part of the watch to open it which will show the time and a beautiful picture of the twins. The time would be 12:35, so the code that you need to enter in padlock would be 1235. Once you enter it, the lock will be listed as an item and the content behind the lock can be acquired i.e. an old rusty wrench whose jaw size is adjustable.

The code can be further used in the possible future as we learned from William Wildberger’s Diary. We don’t know that yet or maybe we know but to learn more walkthroughs for the solution of the puzzles that would be in Tormented Souls will be updated shortly.

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