Tormented Souls- Door Knocker Puzzle Beating Heart Of John’s Creation

Tormented SoulsIn Tormented Souls, one of the puzzles where it gives us trouble would be the door knocker puzzle. At this point, we have an Iron Door Knocker which we have used and it fits perfectly on the door.  However, while using it we don’t know the correct or specific sequence in order to open the door. For that, we need another specific item which is a Stethoscope. In this post, we have compiled all the locations of the important items required and the puzzle solution.

Door Knocker Puzzle Beating Heart Of John’s Creation In Tormented Souls

As mentioned earlier, we need a Stethoscope which will be found in the Sewing Room. Once Stethoscope has been obtained or registered in your Items list, make sure you go back all the way to the Main Hall. At the Main Hall, climb the stairs up and you might notice a big statue before turning right or left. Use the Stethoscope on the statue which will allow you to hear a heartbeat pattern.

The pattern goes like this 1-123-1-1 where the hyphen is space or a gap you need while knocking. So first knock then a small gap, then three consecutive knocks then a small gap, again a knock accompanied with a small gap and the final knock. This will open the door of the Library.

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