Super Animal Royale Where Is The Secret Lab Location Of Jennifer Dogna

Super Animal Royale is an indie battle royal game in 2d space developed by Pixile. The is a total number of 64 animals airdropped on an island to see the last one standing. There are various secrets hidden on the map and one such secret in the lab of Jennifer Dogna.

During the countdown to the start of the game, you might meet a dog with a lab coat near the fountain. He will ask you to find the secret lab. Once you find the secret lab there will be a lot of rare weapons to collect as well as the lab coat. Jennifer Dogna will be there in his secret lab once the battle royale starts. You need to activate two switches, then pull the lever to open the door of the secret lab. Once you are inside talk to Dogna and you will receive the lab coat cosmetic. Below you will find the location of the secret lab, where the switches and the lever are located to open the lab.

Note: Check out the bottom of the page for the video guide.

Super Animal Royale Secret Lab Location

Check out the image above to find the location where you need to drop on the map. In the Super Saharaland, you need to visit the Super Pyramid. At the bottom side of the pyramid, you will find a switch that will activate once you stand on top of it. Check out the image below to find the location of the switch

Once you stand on the switch the door to your left will open and you need to go through that way. At the end of that alley room, you will find another switch that will open a room towards your right side in the top middle part of the area.

You need to enter the room and interact with the Sarcophagus that will reveal a lever. You need to pull the lever which will open the secret lab door that will be located on your right side. Enter the room and talk with the Doctor to get the lab coat.

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