Marvel Future Revolution- Pegasus And Omega Flight Coupon Code

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is an open-world action RPG game which has been released on August 25 and going strong. The hero customization available at your thumb is simply unrealistic in which you can choose from any combination of epic sets to gain the effects. Due to the threat of Convergence, we are diving into the Omega Flight’s mission to save Primary Earth. For all the rising heroes, these are the coupon codes i.e. updated on 30, August 2021.

Pegasus And Omega Flight Coupon Code For Marvel Future Revolution

These codes can be redeemed by pressing the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu which is located beside the Inventory option. Once inside the Settings option, select “Account” where the “Coupon” option will be present beside the “Link Account Reward” option.

There would be 2 option or event codes i.e. Pegasus and Omega Flight where separate codes need to be entered. These redeemable and working codes are mentioned below:

Omega Flight Coupon
  • OMEGAFLIGHT- Mid-grade ATK Enhancer 5
  • CONVERGENCE- Mid-grade DEF Enhancer 5
  • DOWNLOADMFR- 1*-3* Omega Card Box
  • GAMESPOTMFR- Potential Report x50
  • MFRLIVE- 1*-3* Costume Box
  • LAUNCH825- GOLD 50K
Pegasus Coupon

Till now there is no Coupon yet revealed or leaked but we know that there are 16 blanks for digits/words which can be entered. Be patient as we will update as soon as we learn.

Remember these codes are still active and it will register and show the transaction at the view Coupon, however you will not be able to receive the benefits and find them in your inventory as they expire. So be quick to collect it as these are time-limited events. We would keep updated and release more codes which the devs reveal it on their official Facebook page. Follow them as they are doing a pretty good job so far.

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