Ann All Puzzle Solution Guide Piano, Chess Piece, Code, & Much More


Ann is a 2d free to play puzzle-solving indie game developed by Rong Rong. The game has so much content to offer despite being free on steam. You can check out the game from this link HERE. The game has so much content to offer such as the story, puzzles, multiple endings, and the music.

Why is Ann free?
“I want everyone to enjoy the game just like how they enjoyed the classic RPG maker horror games, as a freeware that everyone can just pick up and play after a long exhausting day of school/work, that’s how I was introduced to Ib, Ao Oni, Mad Father and other great RPG maker horror games back then. I just want to bring back the spirit of the old classic 2012 where RPG maker horror games were booming, y’know”.
– Jason “Rong Rong” H.

Note All the exact solutions you will find at the bottom of the page, below you will find the guide on how to complete them.

Check out how to get all endings and the true ending.

Ann All Puzzle Guides

Piano Puzzle

The first puzzle of the game you will in Ann is the piano puzzle. You need to first play all 4 pianos except the middle one to remember how to they sound. They all will sound differently, so you need to remember which piano makes what kind of sound.

Next, you need to interact with the middle piano and listen to the tune and play all the pianos according to the tune. After playing the tune exactly you need to again interact with the middle piano to open up the pathway.

Chess Puzzle

In this puzzle, you need to plan out your move before pushing any chess pieces. You need to reach the key to open the middle door of the sculpture room. You might get locked in the middle if you push the wrong piece, but still, this puzzle is not quite that hard to crack. If you are still unable to reach the key check out the image at the bottom of the page.

Sculpture Room Code

The code is to open up the pathway and remove the chess piece is related to the phrase written in the above image. You need to interact with the broken statues outside the room to get the code. Just outside the room, you will find the head statue. And at the backside of the room, you will find the hand, head, and body statue. Interacting will all the statutes will finally give you a four-number code that you can enter in the order shown in the phrase above. If you are still unable to find the code, check it out at the bottom of the page.

How To Easily Run Away From Failure


To easily escape from the failure you can try to block his pathway as shown in the above image and you will be good to go for that room. But beware he will again chase you as soon as you reach the next room. You can also push boxes to block his pathway and slow him down. You will reach an area where you will have two boxes to drop. Dropping both the boxes might slow you down, so you can just drop the second box and run for the door.

Wake Up Plants Puzzle

In this puzzle, you need to interact with the plants to turn to wake them up. But while waking up one plant, the other plants also wake up or go to sleep. Each potted plant has a different pattern, so you need to first check their pattern and interact with them accordingly. To be honest, I checked out their pattern and randomly wake them all up. So there is not an exact solution to this puzzle.

Scarf Location

One puzzle you will face in the fashion department is to find Mr coat, Mrs. Skirt, and little scarf. The coat and skirt will be on the mannequin which is easy to find, but the little scarf will be tucked inside a box that you need to inspect. Once you find all the clothes, place them on the mannequin blocking your pathway to clear it up.

Multiple Doors Puzzle

The solution to this multiple-door puzzle will be written on the mannequin. You need to interact with all 4 mannequins to find the solution to this puzzle. Below you will find the exact solution on which door to enter.

Ann Puzzle Soultions

Ann Piano Puzzle Solution

Ann Chess Puzzle Solution

Ann Scarf Location

Sculpture Room Code – 1604

  • When 2 doors – Use the 1st door.
  • When 3 doors – Use the 3rd door.
  • When 4 doors – Use the 2nd door.
  • When 5 doors – Use the 4th door.

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    • Hikari

      Yea, even I failed multiple times before successfully quickly blocking and escaping. It might seem difficult at the beginning but after few runs, you will find out the sculpture pathing.

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