Ann All Endings Walkthrough Guide How To Get The Good & Bad Ending


Ann is a 2d free to play puzzle-solving indie game developed by Rong Rong. The main objective of the game is to get out of the haunted house while solving various puzzles and uncovering the mystery of the haunted school.

You are Ann an art student who mistakenly fell asleep in the computer lab and woke up after midnight. Your story continuous from there till chapter 5 the finale. There are 5 different types of ending you can get make sure to save the game when you get the first master key so that you can complete all the endings by loading the save file.

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Ann All Endings Walkthrough

1st Ending

The first ending of this game might have already happened without even you knowing. To get the first ending you just have to die in the game. Then your photo will be displayed in the empty portrait with your name.

2nd Ending

The achievement to complete the second ending is called Escaped. Basically, you need to escape from school alone. When you get the first master key, Hana will tell you to go back. Do not open the locker, just turn back and get out of the room to get this ending.

3rd Ending

When you wake up to find out the security laying on the ground, go upward and you will find one more master key. Then head down as shown in the marker in the above image to get into a room full of computers and no door to go out. Keep going downwards and eventually light will fade out and you will be trapped in the school. Achievement will unlock called “The new resident of the school”.

4th Ending

When you see the security guard on the floor, pick up the master key and keep going upward, and you will discover everything about the security guard and you will start running from him. Let the security guard catch you and choose the option “No” and it will trigger an ending and you will get an achievement called “The Paintings Sacrifice“.

5th Ending (True Ending)

To get the true ending you need to run away from the security guard when he will be chasing you. If you get caught select the option to start from the last saved or checkpoint. After successfully evading the security, he will tell you about his story and continue the game to get the true ending.

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