Psychonauts 2 Psi-King Memory Vault Location & How To Get Them

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. Memory vaults are small safe that may look like a 4 legged animal that tries to run from you whenever you go near them. Some minds actually suppress memories by locking them and that is a project through the memory vault in this game.

Once you reach a memory vault you can normally attack them and unlock the memories locked inside. You can check all these memories to know more about the character. While most of the memory vaults are in the open and not so hard to find and collect. The memory vault in the Psi-King sensorium is locked inside a cage and will be unable to get to them. Below you will find solutions to how to obtain these memory vaults to complete the brain 100%.

Psychonauts 2 How To Get Psy-King Memory Vault

The only way to get these memory vaults is by replaying the stage using a brain tumbler in Sasha’s lab when you get the Projection ability. You will get the projection ability while repairing ford cruller shattered mind. Once you complete that quest you will have the projection ability that you need to enter into a small and cramped space.

During you gameplay, till now you might have come across a various door that has a small mail like opening through which you can’t go through but there are various collectibles to collect. One example is the room in the mailroom. You can access these rooms by using the projection ability where Raz makes a paper-thin projection like himself to pass through small areas.

Once you get the projection ability head over to the concession area and go straight to find the locked memory vault. The second memory vault will be locked in the eye shrine area, just when you reach the second prism, look behind you and you will find platforms with 2 rotating fans. Go from that side, cross the fans, and on the right side, you will find the memory vault.

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