Psychonauts 2 Ford Follicles Complete Walkthrough All Collectibles Guide

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. Ford Follicles is part of the quest to completely repair the shattered mind of Ford Cruller. Ford Follicles is one of the fragments of Ford out of three and you can access it by visiting the mind of barber Ford.

There will be one-half mind, one emotional baggage, one nugget of wisdom and 43 figments to be collected to completely fix the brain. Below you will find the walkthrough to collect all collectibles 100% and complete the stage.

Psychonauts 2 Ford Follicles Walkthrough

The only figments that be a bit tough to collect will be the ones that you can’t reach due to bugs crawling over you that won’t let you jump. This is the first time where you meet these bugs after climbing the long hair.

To your left side, you can see a spiral button in white and red color that you can turn on by hitting with psi-blast. That will start the blower creating a gush of wind to push you forward and also remove the bug infestation in that area and you can now jump freely. But this will also trigger the fan that is rotating slowly and now it will rotate faster cause of the blower. To collect the figments beside the fan, you need to have the time bubble ability.

That means to collect all the collectibles available in this area, you need to first visit the Psi-King Sensorium and complete the first part. If you reached Ford Folllicles before completing the first part of Psi- King Sensorium, I will advise you to do that and then return to Ford Follicles. If you want to know how to go to Psi-King Sensorium first you can check out our previous guide HERE.

Now the next part will be where you will fight off too many enemies and there to remove the bugs you need to break the water glass container that is in the middle. The big guy at the end will chase and throw stop signs, try to dodge the signs, and let it hit the water container in the middle that will break off and will create a path for you to the tower.

Psychonauts 2 Ford Follicles Nugget Of Wisdom

You will get half a mind, an emotional baggage tag, and the bag on your way to the tower. The emotional baggage of Ford Follicles will be beside the tower and once you reach there, Raz can hear someone crying. The nugget of wisdom will be just on the right side as soon as you start the Ford Follicles stage. You need to hit the spiral button that will start the blow of air that will help you to reach the nugget. There will also be some figments hidden beside the cloud where you need to climb the tower.

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