Icarus- How To Get Oxygen And What You Need To Do For It

IcarusIn Icarus, you can join sessions for co-op or play solo with your friends which is up to 8 players. It is a survival game focused on the planet Icarus where a toxic atmosphere and savage wildlife have formed due to the collapse of terraforming. Which was once destined to be a second Earth is now a home of much-unseen danger and rare exotic materials. The goal is to collect as many resources as you can and travel back to the orbital space station to advance your technology. However, the basic needs for survival are Oxygen, Food, and Water. This guide is compiled especially to learn how to craft and get oxygen.

How To Get Oxygen And What You Need To Do For It In Icarus

Craft Pickaxe at the beginning which would help you collect minerals. The process required to collect or get Oxygen is simple and straightforward as you need to collect a blue-colored stone i.e. “Oxite”. A single Oxite provides +9 Oxygen when consumed. To consume Oxygen simply drag the Oxite to the Oxygen slot.

With the help of a Pickaxe, you can break large stones of Oxites and collect a bunch of them. It is not a permanent solution but as you keep on collecting resources, hunting animals, and constructing buildings, each action will increase the experience to level up.

At Tech Tree there is special equipment known as Oxidizer. It might be tempting as it can be unlocked and purchased from the beginning with the acquired points. Make sure that the initial points should be used to unlock survival kits such as Bandages or weapons like Stone Knife, Bow, and arrows.

Once you unlock the Oxidizer Blueprint to craft the device, make sure that you have enough Bones and Leather. Bones and Leather will be obtained from the animals which are why unlocking Oxidizer from the beginning is not recommended. Place Oxidizer at the base and put all the Oxites in it to convert and refine it into Oxygen. Consume it and you are good to go.

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