Icarus- How To Build, Place Door And Window While Building House

IcarusAs we know Icarus is a survival, co-op multiplayer, simulation game. To survive not only from the animals, but we also need to survive and be wary of the environmental changes. The best way to live in comfort is to create a base by constructing a house. Under Tech Tree, you will notice a Thatch Beam and Wood Beam through which a series of Thatch/Wood Floors, Walls, Doors, Windows, and Roofs can be unlocked. After unlocking it is quite unclear as to how we place the constructed Door. In this guide, we have compiled the process through which it might clear all the doubts for us fellow scavengers.

How To Build, Place Door And Window While Building House In Icarus

After unlocking all the Techs from the Tech Tree, you will be able to craft a Thatch Door independently. However, you will not be able to place the Door independently. To place the door, you will need to open the wheel menu of Thatch Wall by holding “R”. The variants will pop up in the Wheel Menu where you will have to select the “Door Frame”.

Once the Door Frame is placed connecting the walls, you will be able to place the crafted Thatch Door. Similarly, if you are going to construct the Wood House, make sure you open the Wheel Menu to construct a Door Frame to place the door and a Window Frame to place the window respectively.

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