Psychonauts 2 How To Get A Brain For Nick The Senior Mailman

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. While you try to fix Ford Cruller shattered mind. One fragment of the mind will be in the mailroom. He will be inside another room which can only be accessed by senior members. One such member is Nick who can help you but his mind is too unstable that you need to fix it. Below you will find where to find a spare brain for Nick and enter the Psi- King Sensorium.

Psychonauts 2 Brain In a Jar

As soon as you get the quest to repair the shattered mind of Ford Cruller, you will be given access to go outside the motherlobe. On the outside quarry area, you will find Otto Lab. To find a brain for Nick you need to visit the Otto Lab and interact with Agent Mentallis aka Otto.

He will offer you some device to test but he won’t offer you a spare brain. You need to go to the end of the room to locate the supercomputer where all the brains are stored. Interact with the computer and select the unprocessed minds. There select the last brain from the menu called “Harry, Heptadome” and dispense it. Then you will complete the quest called “Enlist The Brain Help” and a new quest will be started called “Re-Brain Nick”.

After that visit Nick in the mailroom and give the brain to Nick but then he might be too unstable. You need to fix his brain so that he will help you enter the mailroom where another fragment of Ford Cruller is present whose mind you need to fix. Once you enter Nick’s brain, you will go into a new world called Psi King’s Sensorium.

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