Psychonauts 2 Bacon Guy Find Some Bacon To Summon Ford Cruller

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. In this game, you can use your clairvoyance ability on NPC to see the world from their perspective. Most of the NPC minds are normal except for one called “Colin”. During one of the main quests, you also get a task to fetch bacon to summon Ford Cruller. Below you will find all about this bacon guy and how to get bacon to summon Ford Cruller.

Psychonauts 2 Bacon Guy

To complete the quest where you need to find bacon for the ford cruller might not have anything to do with the quiet bacon guy. He can be found in the motherlobe atrium or later can be found in the cafe called “Noodle Bowl”.

The NPC named Colin sitting in the cafe wondering if there will be layoffs, he might get a sweet severance package. If you use clairvoyance on Colin, you can find bacon floating all around him. Raz seems to be a detective from the eyes of Colin. Currently, we have no idea why so many Bacon float around Colin, but that might be his favorite food.

Psychonauts 2 Where To Find Bacon To Summon Ford

To get bacon to summon Ford Cruller you need to just get bacon from the cafe of the motherlobe. The cafe is the motherlobe is called “Noodle Bowl”. You need to open up your map and check the letter “J” and visit that area.

Once you reach the Noodle Bowl talk to the Cafeteria Worker behind the counter who will give you the Bacon that fell on the floor. After that Ford Cruller will automatically pop out of your brain and the mission will be completed.

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