Pillinko Psychonauts 2 Hollis Hot Streak Guide To Defeat Luctopus

psychonauts 2Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. Pillinko is a pinball machine that you will find that you will encounter in the pharmacy room of Holly Hot Streak. To get into the high roller room you need to collect 3 gazillion dollars. Out of these three, one gazillion-dollar can be obtained by completing the Pillinko challenge.

Psychonauts 2 How To Complete Pillinko Puzzle

Once you enter the pharmacy room, you will see the big machine in the middle that can be played by talking with Nurse Cherry. But make sure to not directly start playing as you enter the pharmacy because the game is rigged and you need to fix it to win.

The main object to win the game of the pillinko machine is put the ball in the hole shown in the image. But that path will be blocked by a heart. You need to enter the game to fix the machine and place the heart in the correct position and then play the game to win it.

To fix the machine, first of all, you need to jump to the upper platform on both the left and right sides and talk to all three NPC that will unlock a series of thoughts around you. Then you need to match “Wisdom” with “Decision”, “Judgement” with “Quitting”, and “Victory” to “Moderation” which will open a pathway for you to get inside the game from the backside. Once you are inside the game overcome all the challenges and obstacles to reach the end and fix the machine.

Once the machine is fixed you need to play the pillinko game once again by talking to the nurse and then place the ball in the hole with a “$$$$$” sign on it as the position of the heart blocking your way has changed. By completing the pillinko challenge you will get one gazillion-dollar that will help you get into the high roller room. If you want to check how to get the other two gazillions, check out our previous guide HERE.

Psychonauts 2 How To Defeat Luctopus

Luctopus is the first main boss that you will encounter in this game after reaching the end part of the Hollis Hot Streak. To defeat Luctopus you need to use your telekinesis to throw the bulb bombs on its tentacles. Once Luctopus is down use the blank thoughts to travel towards the back of its mind and use the psi-blast to open up its brain. Then jump on its head and damage the brain to lower its HP.

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