Psychonauts 2 rare fungus location Lili request reach without time bubble

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Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. In this game, there are various different types of collectibles, missions as well as side quests. One such side quest you receive from Lili is about a rare fungus that only grows in the damp part of the questionable area. You can check out the map for the location of Lili garden where you will get the side quest once you ask her if you can help her with anything.

Psychonauts 2 Rare Fungus Location

The damp part that is located in the questionable area will be behind the waterfall of the questionable area in a cave and as you know psychics in this game cannot go near the water, you might find it a bit tough to reach the cave without an ability called Time Bubble.

To reach the top part of the waterfall you need to repair the funicular. To repair the funicular you need to find 3 cogs that are scattered nearby and use your levitation to bring those cogs to the machine beside it. Once you fit all three cogs the funicular will start again taking you to the top part of the waterfall.

You can also reach the top part of the waterfall without fixing the funicular by just riding the log upstream. Make sure you need to jump at the correct time to enter the cave else you will fall in the water and respawn.

Psychonauts 2 How To Reach Rare Fungus Damp Area

There are two ways to reach the cave that is at the middle part of the waterfall. The first way is by riding the log and as it starts to go upstream you just stand on the top part of the log, as to not fall in the water. The log speed will be quite fast so you need to jump quickly as the log reaches the middle part of the waterfall and you will be inside the rare fungus cave.

The other method is by using your time-bubble ability that you will get later in this game. Once the log reaches the middle part of the waterfall use the time bubble ability and you will form a gap in the waterfall to enter the cave. If you having trouble understanding how to stand on the top part of the log to go upstream, do check the video that we have posted above.

Once you have collected the rare fungus exit the cave from the sideway gap and go back to Lili’s garden to complete the quest and unlock the achievement called “A Fungus Among Us“.

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