Phasmophobia- How To Find Ghost Type Fast And Quick


At Phasmophobia, the new update made the game much spookier and the noises change has instilled the horror experience. For new ghost hunters, it might seem too overwhelming due to the surroundings and for the returning hunters, it provides a whole new experience. The motive is to find the type of ghost that haunts the map or area and get out of there unless you want to experience the cold death.

How To Find Ghost Type Fast And Quick In Phasmophobia

At Phasmophobia, the most important part of hunting the ghost is to confirm its location. The EMF and the Thermometer are the equipment you need along with the Flashlight. The temperature is usually low where the ghost is located. It might not be freezing but relatively low compared to other rooms.

Check with EMF and other main equipment to detect the evidence in order to reveal which type of ghosts you are hunting. Once the location is revealed, you can set up the whole room with the equipment. It is now easier to look at “Ghost Orb” through Video Camera while holding.

You can place Salt at the entrance of all the rooms on a smaller map to collect the Photographic Evidences. On bigger maps, Parabolic Microphone is accurate to pinpoint the paranormal sounds. Swap Thermometer and Parabolic Microphone to reveal the path and where’s the ghost nest.

While Hunt, it is better to bring either Crucifix or Smudge Sticks to stop the hunt. If neither is with you, it is recommended to sprint away and hide in the closet while switching off the devices or equipment as it will give off your location. Remember during the hunt, the flashlight will flicker when the ghost is nearby. Even if the ghost is at hunt mode if it is out of your range or far away the flashlight will not flicker unlike before. For more guides on Phasmophobia, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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